Entry is at your own risk.
The organization cannot be held liable for damage to persons, property or equipment or vehicles of all sorts. Respect each others' vehicles and possesions.

Access / Parking / Camping: Our staff will gladly show you your parking and campsite. This is mainly to make sure we don't have any traffic jams on site. Please no littering, we kindly request you to keep the site clean.

Alcohol: It is not allowed for visitors to bring and use alcohol themselves. No alcohol is sold to persons <18 years old. It is for people from 18 or older not allowed to pass alcohol to persons <18 years.

Animals: Dogs are (in principal) allowed on site. However they must always be kept on a leash, depending on size they must also be muzzled. Please clean up after your pet. It is the right of the organisation to refuse any animal if the safety of our visitors cannot be guaranteed.

Hygiene & disposal: Waste bins are readily available on site. Please use them and do not litter. We ask your special care for glasswork as it can cause great harm to persons and vehicles. Sanitary facilities are available on site. Please keep them clean for the sake of general cleanliness.

Portrait Law / photography: Visitors to this event agree to accept that they will be photographed and / or filmed during the event. The organization reserves the right to use these photo and / or video recordings without any restrictions for promotional purposes as well as social media and commercial activities which may include advertising in print media. If you wish to object to this, this should be made known to the organization within seven days after the event by means of a registered letter.

Flyers / Leaflet distribution: It is possible to submit a request to the organization to distribute leaflets or flyers []. The distribution of leaflets or flyers on the grounds will not be permitted without prior consent to prevent environmental pollution. A cost estimate for the purpose of distributing brochures is available by mail [] or seek contact with one of our staff at the event. Illegal flyer distribution will be penalized with a fine of € 500, - net, administrative and cleaning costs may be added.

Open fire: cooking (gas-barbequing) is permitted. The use of open fire is strictly prohibited. Violation of this restriction may result in exclusion from the event. Fire extinguishers are available  in the main building, at the information stand and at the entrance.

Traffic: The entire site is subject to the Highway Code. Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs is strictly prohibited! For safety and tranquility on the campsite, please limit the use of vehicles in general to a minimum. For the safety of our visitors, please use walking speed maximum! Burnouts and / or drag races at or near the event site are strictly prohibited. Violation of this restricition leads to immediate exclusion from the event. Vehicles may not block the paths (emercency routes) or make accesses and exits unusable. Please park at the designated areas.

Driving on the event site:

  • It is not allowed to drive with too many people in a car / racing car (overloading)
  • While driving all passengers must be seated on the available seats
  • Carrying passengers on sills, door jambs, trunk or hood is not allowed
  • Always keep a fair speed (walking pace)
  • Entering and riding on non-designated areas of the site is not allowed! Violation of this restriction may result in exclusion from the event.

Night rest: should be observed daily from 01:00. This means that after this time no more engines be started, as well as no loud music should be played. After this time party groups outside the main building are not allowed.

Power generators: Power generators are not permitted. 

Theft: The organization is not liable to theft. Visitors are advised that they should take all the usual measures to prevent theft.

Segway / hoverboards: Motorized two-wheelers are not allowed on the event site. These can be parked in the parking lot for day visitors. Driving minibikes, "Segway", 'Hoverboards' or other motorized devices (including electric) is not allowed.

Scrap cars / racing cars: The demolition or dismantling of motor vehicles is not permitted. Our employees are instructed to park vehicles of which it is clear in advance they are meant to be disassembled and / or demolished during the event in a separate area until the end of event. Racing cars and other non-registered vehicles can move on the field only after the approval of the organization.

Other: flying with - or controlling a remote controlled aircraft (particularly a drone) is not permitted without prior permission from the organization. Flying above individuals or crowds is never allowed!
The possesion or use of (soft- or hard-) drugs is stricktly prohibited. This will lead to exclusion from the event.

Violations: in the case of repeated violations or misconduct towards staff and volunteers can (and will) lead to exclusion and / or expulsion from the event. When necessary, the local authorities will be notified.

The organization cannot be held liable for damage to persons, property or equipment or vehicles of all sorts.

When leaving the premises PLEASE drive quiet and controlled. We would like to make this event possible again next year.

We wish all our guests a fantastic weekend, great weather, nice parties, cool shows and many, many new Mazda friends

Your M.A.S. Team

Miata Team Holland