Overnight stay

Spending the night (camping) on ​​the site is included in the registration. We also heartily encourage this as this is EXACTLY one of the things that we believe gives this event its charm. Where else can you sleep next to your MX-5?

For those who unexpectedly don't like camping (we can't imagine it ...), there are a large number of accommodations available in the region. Hotels, Bed & Breakfast's or a holiday home. There is something available for every budget. This can drive you as crazy as you want. You must book this yourself.

Reuver is part of the municipality of Beesel. There are several tourist sites and attractions in the area.

As mentioned, camping (overnight stay) on the site is included in the price. Camping is allowed from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon. At the end of the event, we must return the site clean. During the event we ensure the presence of a caterer for a drink and a drink. We also provide decent sanitary facilities, showers and toilets.

Click on the map for the correct address and / or website.

If you have found an overnight stay option that we do not have on our map, please let us know via the contact form and we will quickly add it to our map.