Welcome to Miatas At Summertime , the first multi-day international MX-5 event in the Netherlands.
Together we will havea big MX-5 party here. And with a little bit of luck, we can do this again, next year . Below you will find some activities with we organize for our geusts


On Saturday we have 3 different tours in the region, that can be used with the help of a spherical arrow system. Some of them also cross the border to Germany. Calculate 1.5 to 2 hours driving time. Longer when you take a coffee break or get lost somewhere.


Whoever wants to compete for the title "Dutches-lowest-MX-5", can try-out on Friday and Saterday evening. Pre-registration is not required

Rulesfor the Carlimbo:

  • B.O.B. No alcohol in traffic!
  • Low and Slow! Maximum running speed (10km / h)
  • Use your rubber in bed! Burnouts not allowed
  • Hands off! Each participant must under his own power under the Limbo Ball. -    Pulling / pushing / throwing the car is not allowed
  • The asphalt can remain, so make sure you are clear of the earth. leave no traces.
  • Remember your antenna in front of the limbo bar!
  • The last (lowest) participant wins when he/she passes under the bar!

Show & Shine / Concours ‘d’ Elegance:
When registering you will receive a form where you can indicate which one you like best in 4 categories (NA, NB, NC and ND) you do this by filling in the participant number on the form, the form must be sent by 15:00 at the latest. hour will be returned at the information stand. So your own car also competes for the prizes.

Restyle specialist:
We have found a steel-Polish magician who can rub a small parking dent from your bodypanels on Saturday. Check out the stand at the deck.
Again, additional costs will be added.

Light parade

On Friday when the sun goes down we will do something special.
Something that shows us the light in the dark, but also gives us a chance to show our Mazda's from a different side. 

Namely, we are going to hold a light parade on the Friday!

Decorate the Mazda as fun (and as much) as you can with extra lights and join the light parade.
An expert jury will judge which car is decorated the most strikingly!

The winner will go home with a fun prize package.

We wish all our guests a great weekend, great weather, bold celebrations, cool shows and many new Mazda friends!